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Liquid Artemia Replacement Diet TECHNICAL SHEET: EZ Artemia is a synthetic Artemia formulated as a complete and balanced diet designed to mimic the color, taste, texture and nutritional value of Artemia nauplii. The ingredients have been selected for their high quality, attractability, and digestibility. EZ Artemia is manufactured using a state of the art processing technique to preserve sensitive nutrients, pigments, omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes, and other nutrients. The micro-capsulated particles have a soft moist texture and are easy to consume. Features & Benefits • 100% Artemia replacement • 1 Kg of EZ Artemia replaces 1 Kg of natural Artemia cysts (at 80% hatchout). • Eliminates approximately $15/kg associated with the hatching and processing of natural Artemia. • Accelerates growth and shortens larvae culture by 3 days – stronger • • • • • • • • • PL’s. Consistently demonstrates survivals > 70%. Improved biosecurity. Contains V pak (Vitality Pak) to enhance disease resistance. Neutrally buoyant; maintains easily in the water columns. Does not foul water - minimizes leaching. Improved digestibility versus dry diets. Easy to mix and distribute in water. Probiotics added to aid in larval digestion, water quality and pathogen control. Preservation of nutrient integrity through use of low temperature processing. Product Storage • Best if used within twenty-four (24) months from date of manufacture. • Can be refrigerated - do not freeze. • Opened jugs should be used within six (6) weeks. • Store sealed jugs in a cool (22° C/72° F), dry place away from sunlight. • Shake well prior to each use. • Keep capped after each use. • Rotate stock to use oldest product first (“first in, first out” principle). Product Application Unlike Artemia, which requires hatching, EZ Artemia is very easy to use: 1. 1. Shake well and measure the desired amount of feed into a beaker. 2. 2. Add a small amount of water and swirl to suspend feed. 3. 3. Pour directly into larval tanks. 4. Do not use blender. 4. 5. Do not freeze. 5. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein Minimum Crude Fat Minimum Crude Fiber Maximum Moisture Maximum Phosphorus Minimum Particle Size A nutritionally balanced highly digestible formulation of animal protein products of marine origin, plant protein (including algae), yeast, fish and vegetable oils, vegetable starches, vitamin and mineral premixes, anti-oxidants, pigments, and biodegradable binders.

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