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EZMate Premium Maturation Diet TECHNICAL SHEET: EZ Mate can replace up to 70% of fresh maturation feeds (polychaetes, squid, and shellfish) fed to shrimp broodstock. EZ Mate has been proven to increase the production of consistently high health nauplii in most maturation systems. Utilizing high quality, unique ingredients, EZ Mate is a very attractable and palatable maturation feed. EZ Mate is formulated with a high concentration of HUFA’s, which enhance fertility and mating, at the same time increasing fecundity. High concentrations of vitamins, minerals and astaxanthin are included to enhance immunity and to ensure high survival of the broodstock. EZ Mate is designed for EZ preparation and feeding. Features & Benefits • Improves maturation efficiency stimulating increased numbers of healthy nauplii per spawn (better fecundity and hatch rates). • Increases biosecurity, by allowing for select fresh feeds to be eliminated. • Contains extremely high levels of astaxanthin and vitamin C to promote maturation. • No refrigeration required, unlike fresh feeds which need freezer storage & added preparation. • Contains V (Vitality Pak) to enhance disease resistance. pak • Packed under Nitrogen to maximize freshness. Product Application • Weigh EZ Mate; add one part freshwater to one part Nitrogen flushed cans: gram (1.1 lb) lb) 12 case, Nitrogen flushed cans: 500500 gram (1.1 12 per per case, Buckets: 15 kg (33 lb) product. Mix thoroughly until feed is dough-like in appearance & feel. Form feed into “worms”. Recommend worm diameter not exceed 5 mm (3/16”). Allow worms to air dry 1 hour at an ambient temperature of 25 - 40° C. Unused dried worms can be stored in the freezer. Product Storage • Unopened packages have a shelf life up to two (2) years if Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Ash Phosphorus Minimum Minimum Maximum Maximum Maximum Minimum properly stored and handled. • Opened product should be used within three (3) months. • Store in a cool (22° C/72° F), dry, well-ventilated area away from sunlight. • Opened product should be refrigerated. • Rotate stock to use oldest product first (“first in, first out” principle). Ingredients A nutritionally balanced highly digestible formulation of animal protein products of marine origin, plant protein (including algae), yeast, fish and vegetable oils, vegetable starches, vitamin and mineral premixes, anti-oxidants, pigments, and biodegradable binders.

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