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Stage IIIA / IIIB - 1

FORTERRA range Construction of Forterra tractors has been adapted accordingly – these are robust, heavy weight tractors. Due to very good torque parameters, they are appreciated as hard workers and excellent value for money. Forterra tractors are unbeatable in terms of operational costs. shuttle generation, a new five-speed gearbox with three-stage multiplier, a more powerful hydraulic system, HitchTronic three-point hitch controls, LCD display, safety driver’s seat and more. Forterra HSX is equipped with the most up-to-date technology: the latest Power- Forterra HD is the best equipped tractors in the Zetor portfolio with engine up to 150 HP. Reinforced axle drive, larger rear axle, an extended wheelbase for greater stability, with a spring-mounted front axle and cab. These combine to make Forterra HD a strong partner for high productivity. The exceptional popularity of Zetor engines is based on low fuel consumption, high reliability and simple design – these reward the customer not only with low purchase costs, but also low operating costs and great reliability. The 16-valve engines obtained one of the best evaluations in a stringent test carried out by the German Agricultural Association (DLG). Tractors with these engines therefore rank among the most economical in the market. A five-speed gearbox with two driving speed ranges, a three-stage multiplier and a reverser under load (30/30) satisfies the demands of users requiring a higher level of comfort. The pair of wet disk clutches is reliable with smooth reversing. The working range offers nine speeds. The Zetor Forterra models offer engine powers of up to 140 HP, which makes it a very strong. GEARBOX FORTERRA The classic, four-speed, fully synchronized gearbox in Forterra tractors, supplemented with two speed ranges and a three-stage multiplier (24/18), features larger gears and bearings for a good service life. Gears are suitably spaced with seven speeds available within the operating range from 6–12 kph. HYDRAULICS Two auxiliary hydraulic cylinders ensure uniform tractor loading and maximum lifting force, up to 77 kN for Forterra and up to 85 kN for Forterra HSX/HD. Forterra HD offers four auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers with electro-hydraulic control. In combination with Category III hitches, you can enjoy a wide selection of usable implements. The tractor also has programmable headland turning sequences to simplify and

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Stage IIIA / IIIB - 2

FORTERRA FORTERRA TERRA MODEL FORTERRA FORTERRA Engine type Engine type Homologated Power (kW) Homologated Power (kW ) ologat (2000/25/EC) (20 00/25/EC) 00/25/ Homologated Power (hP) Homologated Power (hP) ologat (2000/25/EC) (20 00/25/EC) 00/25/ Under load at 10 kph Under load at 10 kph Hitches Hitches Swivel Swivel Heated Mirro Heated Mirrors, Rear Defroster irrors, Defrost roster Optional Optional Standard Standard Pre-Wiri for Radio Pre-Wiring for Radio Wiring Optional Optional Standard Standard 1,000 1,000 Power transmission Power transmission up to 90 kW nsmiss Bosch...

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