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SpectraAlyzer GRAIN

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and proven calibrations and create new calibration models if needed. By having all the software tools at hand an innovative Calibration Wizard and simple to understand workflow allows even unskilled users to adjust existing and create new calibration models. The Application worx software package uses database and PLS statistic functions to create the calibration model. In routine use Application worx can be used as direct operating software, giving full access to the instrument while retrieving high resolution spectral data for extended calibration work. 5 Remote control (select product,...

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Technical features overview Design Bluetooth, WLAN , Application worx, wavelength standard, barcode reader, keyboard ZEUTEC Opto-Elektronik GmbH Kieler Str. 211, D-24768 Rendsburg T (+49) 4331 - 136650 E moreinfo@zeutec.de www.spectraalyzer.com SpectraAlyzer GRAIN Item No. 10006 ISO 12099 compliant NIR

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